How to impress your in-laws this Christmas?

How to impress your in-laws this Christmas?

During end of November or early December, many may be struggling to find a Christmas gift for the in-laws.  A sweater or bath robes or other home may be scratching your head to find the perfect gift.  How about tiny family portrait of your entire family on wooden peg dolls or Kokeshi dolls?  The mini peg dolls can be framed into a shadow box that the in-laws can proudly showcase in their home.  I hand-paint each doll to mimic your family members.  They are not realistic portraits but highlight their hair styles, hair colour, favourite outfits, their occupation if desired. 

The peg dolls are up to 3" tall and our new Kokeshi dolls are up to 5.7" tall.

How does it work?

1.  Select the number of family members you like me to paint, pets are most welcome of course because they are family too!

2.  Decide whether you like the mini peg dolls (up to 3" tall) that can be framed or big modern Kokeshi dolls (up to 5.7" tall)

3.  Purchase and then send me the pictures of the individuals you like me to paint

That's it!  Then, I will start working on them and send you photos of the dolls before ship them out to you.

Christmas is just around the corner, start making that list.  Since these are meticulously hand-painted and require time, this year, my order cut-off to guarantee Christmas delivery is Oct 31, 2019.  It is first come first served.  

Framed Peg dolls

Christmas gift Family portrait on wooden peg doll

Kokeshi Dolls

Family portrait Kokeshi doll

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  • Esther Liu
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